PJS28 Circular Seal
"perfect soul"
(Though probably meant simply as lucky signs)
Middle Kingdom
(12th Dynasty)
PJS34 Circular Seal
sa + lotuses
or "anra"-type arm hieroglyphs
Intermediate Period 
PJS35 Circular Seal ma'at/uraeus Second
Intermediate Period
PJS38 Scarab
Translation uncertain,
possibly gibberish
Intermediate Period
PJS40 Scaraboid Plaque
"Amun-Re, Lord of all"
jtn mntw nb
Cryptographic "Amun"
New Kingdom
(prob. 18th Dynasty)
PJS41 Scaraboid Plaque
wpt jmn rnpt nfr
"May Amun open a good year"
New Kingdom
or Late Period
PJS55 Scarab
iry pDt.t k3 m3' hrw
"Bow Keeper Ka,
true of voice"
Middle Kingdom
(13th Dynasty)
PJS62 Scarab
Significance of back inscription unclear.
May be decorative, or: 
St rnpt
"One hundred years"?
Intermediate Period
PJS63 Scarab
Pair of scorpions, possibly the goddess Selket, and unknown symbol, possibly ankh or nefer
New Kingdom
(18th or 19th Dynasty)
PJS74 Scaraboid
Tilapia (back) and six concentric circles (base)
New Kingdom
PJS83 Scarab
Pseudo-hieroglyphs and lucky signs, with decorative curls on back
Second Intermediate Period
PJS100 Scaraboid Weight
Demotic text, dbn on back, 12 on base
Late Period