In thanks

Our thanks go out to...
The good gentles who have vollunteered a few hours or even their whole day to make this event possible, whether they marshalled all day or sat a shift at troll or just helped for a couple minutes because they saw a job that needed done.  That kind of service is what our glorious Society is based upon.
The good gentles who pay to attend the event, without whom we couldn't afford to hold these events.
To Ludlow Falls Camp, for use of the grounds at a very fair rate.
For the use of their open source or clip art, thanks go out to: for the viking on the Martial page. for the archer on the Martial page. for the feast image, "Marriage Feast at Cana" by Jacopo Tintoretto. for the Bayeux tapestry feast image. which was replaced by the Tintoretto. for the image of Waldo I hid somewhere on the site