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Site Rules and warnings
Site opens Friday evening July 8 at 5pm and closes at 12 noon on Sunday July 10.
Anyone still on site after site closes Sunday morning will be conscripted into site cleanup.
Due to a mundane horseshow on site Saturday, we are not on the same area of the grounds as in past years.
Please check in with troll before you set up camp.  If you set up in the wrong area, you will be required to move your tent.
Troll will be open all night Friday night and through Saturday morning for your convenience.
Site is Dry.  Bone Dry.
Smoking is allowed on site near the provided ash cans or at your campsite or car. 
There will be people on site with smoke allergies, including His Majesty.  Please be considerate. 
No ground fires. All campfires must be in a raised brazier or firepit.  Grills and campstoves are okay.
The Miami County Fairgrounds is in an Emrald Ash Borer Quarantine Zone. Fines for taking firewood out of the zone can be in the THOUSANDS of dollars (per THIS STATEMENT). For more information, CLICK HERE
We are unable to support hound coursing or equestrian activities this year.
In order to reduce our impact on the site and the environment, containers will be provided for recycling. 
Please put your cans, glass, etc in the labeled containers.
The event is held in Ohio, in July.  It may be very hot and very humid.  Read here on how to protect yourself from heat-related illness.