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Confirmed Merchants
 The following merchants are planning to attend Push for Pennsic:
Ædric's Attic
Selling an eclectic assortment of feastgear, hand crafted garb, paternosters, books, and more. 
Also selling cold water and sodas with all drink proceeds going to support Push for Pennsic
North Sea Trade & Raid
Offering feast gear, hand crafted jewelry, and a bit of everything else.
The Tatted Corner
Selling fabric, jewelry, gemstones/beads/charms, garb, yarn, and more.
Vogt Handcrafts
Armour, jewelry, dress accessories, spinning supplies.

The Grouchy Gnome
Wooden furniture and accessories in the medieval style.
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Jewelry and Paternoster beads in the medieval and rennaisance style.
Costumes by Loren
Garb for you, and your doll.  Clever buttons, jewelry too.
If interested in merchanting, please contact the Merchant-o-crats with the following info:
Name of shop
Name of shop owner (SCA and mundane)
Contact info for merchant (email or phone)
Type(s) of merchandise offered
Size of area needed (how big's your tent, plus ropes, plus any area outside the tent where you'd have wares)
Merchant area is outdoors and lacks power.  Merchant must supply their own tables, chairs, tent, etc.
No fee for merchanting, but site fee, pizza feast, and non-member fee still apply as normal
No tent fee for merchant tents, unless you intend to sleep in it.
Staff reserves the right to ban the sale of inappropriate items. This includes, but is not limited to alcohol and "adult" items.  If in doubt, please ask. 
Refusal to remove an item at the request of the staff is grounds for removal from event.
Questions or commments: email the webminister