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Adults Only
Push for Pennsic is proud (ashamed?) to announce the return of iScandali's infamous Naughty Show!
Each year iScandali, the MidRealm's premiere Commedia dell'arte troupe, takes a break from their usual family friendly fare
to put on a naughty show for an Adults-Only audience. 
You must be 18 years or older to get in.
Be prepared to show an ID if you look even slightly close to 18.
This year's naughty show will be accompanied by an "A&S After Dark" display of the Arts and Sciences.  The display is open to any artisan who wishes to show off handiwork with subject matter that is normally restricted by the genteel nature of SCAdian society.  For more information, please contact our Baronial MOAS, Rebbah Amari Qira bat Abraham.
Remember that the adult nature of this A&S display in no way overrides the fact that this is a dry site.
Questions or commments: email the webminister