Martial (or marshalled...)
Armoured "Heavy" Combat
  Marshalled by Lord Dafydd Blaidd, OP and Lord Rusaad Muhammad, C.R.C.  List table run by Rhiannon
  Planned Activities: Authorizations beginning at 10:30 am. Fighiting starting at noon.
     Times to be determined, details forthcoming:
     Novice Tournament
     Great Weapon Speed Tournament
     Normal Weapon Speed Tournament
     Small Group Tournament
  Marshalled by Lord Joshua Frost assisted by Madame Bertrande Fresneau as MIT
We would like to have...
  Thrown Weapons, Boffers, and Fencing.  But we need Marshals.  4 hours on the field as Marshal in charge over the boffer or fencing
list or thrown weapons range will get you back your site fee.  See the Volunteer page for more info.
 For those of more peaceful leanings, see our page for activies in the gentle Arts and Sciences.
And after working up a powerful hunger all day, why not enjoy our delicious 
featuring pulled pork and pulled beef sandwiches (smoked on site) and our surprise-filled "Feast of Fools"?