Nor' Star Tavern

Baronial Championships Lunch Tavern
We're offering a hot lunch tavern prepared by your Purple-Fretty-Award-winning Norborough kitchen staff,
featuring Smoked Beef Brisket sandwiches smoked by Chris Green.  If you've been hearing about the Lunch Tavern
at Mischief & Mayhem, this is what you've been hearing about.  This is the meat that makes mouths water.
Chris will be smoking the brisket the night before the event and letting it soak overnight in its juices.  We'll be
heating and serving it up fresh on site.
Smoked Sliced Beef Brisket sandwich *
Bag of chips (see Chips, below)
Choice of dessert item ** :  Apple, Pudding (Chocolate or Vanilla), or Applesauce (Regular or Cinnamon)
Baby-cut carrots
Choice of bottled water or soft drink (see Drinks, below).
*Pasta Marinara may be substituted for sandwich as a vegetarian/kid friendly option at no additional charge.
**Sugar-free Pudding will also be available as a Diabetic or reduced carbohydrate option. 
Our Pasta Marinara and Sugar-free Pudding will be available in a limited number of servings, while supplies last.
Items will be available as a meal (Sandwich, chips, dessert, carrots, drink) for $5.50.
Ala Cart pricing as follows:
Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich $3.50
Pasta Marinara $3.50
Chips $.50
Dessert $.50
Carrots $.50
Icy cold soft drink or bottled water $1.00
Hot drink (coffee, tea, or cocoa) $.50
Cold drink choices are:
Coke (and diet),
Pepsi (and diet),
7Up (and diet),
A&W Root Beer (and diet),
Sunkist orange,
Big Red,
and bottled water.
Hot coffee, tea, and cocoa will also be available.
Chip/snack choices are:
Lays Original potato chips
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Cool Ranch Doritos
Crunchy Cheetos
Sunchips Original flavor
and Fritos corn chips
Ingredients list will be available upon request.
Lunch tavern hours of operation to be determined.  We are planning for 50 lunches, plus a few extra servings of meat,
so get 'em
before they're gone.
After Hours Snacks
After the lunch tavern closes snacks and sodas will still be available on Merchant's Row at Aedric's Attic, with all
proceeds going to the Marche of Norborough to help fund next year's Push for Pennsic.