"Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.”
-Doorknob, Alice in Wonderland
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Traffic Alert
If your directions to this event take you through Covington, Ohio you may want to consider detouring around it.  October 2nd and 3rd
is the
weekend of the Fort Rowdy Gathering, a pre-1840s Mountainman encampment.  The main roads through Covington will be
Saturday morning for the Fort Rowdy Gathering Parade.
We are offering a hot lunch tavern prepared by our Purple-Fretty-award-winning kitchen staff. Lunch will feature smoked pulled
pork or beef sandwiches, smoked on site the day of the event.
We are will be serving an evening Feast of Fools, laden with subtleties and illusion foods, prepared by former Baronial Artisan
Gregor Burcardus.
Icy cold soft drinks and bottled water will be available at troll all day, as well as in the lunch tavern.
For the nearest off-site food and drinks, just stay on OH-48. Indian's Pizza (937-676-2624
is 4 miles north in Pleasant Hill, and
McDonalds is 3 miles south in West Milton. 
For the nearest gas, stay on OH-48, 4 miles north in Pleasant Hill, and
3 miles south in West Milton. 
The nearest hospital is Upper Valley Medical Center, in Troy.
Located at 3030 N. Co. Rd. 25A Troy, OH. (for directions, see our Emergency page)
Phone (937) 440 - 4000
For Fire, Police, and Medical emergencies, the Miami County Sheriff's Office recommends
911 if calling from a landline and (937) 440 - 9911 if dialing from a cell phone.