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Join us as the Marche of Norborough presents
Silver Ceilidh

March 28, 2015
At the the Cardinal Center in Gettysburg, Ohio
Site opens at 9am and closes at 11pm
Site and Feast Fees
Site: adult (age 13 and up) $10 at troll, $9 if preregistered
Child (age 5-12) $5 at troll, $4 if preregistered
Child (age less than 5) Free
Family price cap of $30 on site, no family cap on feast
Feast adult (age 13 and up) $10 at Troll, $9 if preregistered
Child (age 5-12) $5 at troll, $4 if preregistered
Lapsitter (age less than 5) Free
Limited to 72 paid seats
$5 Non-member surcharge applies to all adults who cannot provide proof of membership

Pre registrations can be sent to
Gwindelin Fourman
4362 Swinger Rd
Arcanum OH 45304.
Checks made payable to "SCA Inc. Marche of Norborough"
Check must be recieved by March 15, 2015, preregistrations recieved after that date will have to pay the difference at troll. 
Proof of membership must be shown at door unless a copy is included with preregistration payment to avoid NMS fee.
The Cardinal Center

260 Main Street Gettysburg, OH 45328
Site is Bone Dry by site rules and is located in a dry township.
Site opens at 9am and closes at 11pm.
Lunch Tavern
by Bronwyn ni Mhathon
(contact by email or by phone (937) 573-9064 after 4pm)

Entree:  $2.00 Choice of 
Canabenys with Lekys Soup 
(beans cooked in vegetable broth seasoned with leeks, dark leafy greens and vegetarian sausage)
(Vegetarian sausage and cheese, or Cheese and garlic, or sausage and cheese)
Sides for $.50 
Choice of 
Marbled Tea Eggs
"Mostly Medieval" trail mix
(almonds, walnuts, banana chips, cherries & berries, apricots, raisins, seasoned with sweet medieval spices)
Green and Black Olives
(Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles, and/or sweet pickles)
(Bunch of grapes, cuties or apple) 
Sides for $1.00  Raw Vegetable tray
(carrots, green pepper, celery, radish, turnip, broccoli and cauliflower) with choice of Hummus or Greek Yogurt dip
 Drinks for $1.00Bottled Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Rootbeer, Sprite and Lemonade 

** Plates, bowls, Silverware and napkins will be furnished**

Fighters' Boxed Lunch
by Bronwyn ni Mhathon
Pre-order a special lunch that is fighter friendly (Heavy & Light Weapons) for only $5.00  

Notify Bronwyn by March 11th about your meal selection by using the form located at  http://goo.gl/forms/EOZV57U8nt

Type your name and meal preferences, then click submit. 
The form is automatically submitted via email to Bronwyn. 
You have two ways to pay: pay with your event/feast pre-registration or pay at the Gate the day of the event

Lunch will be delivered to the list fields at 12:30 during your lunch break. 

The meals consist of a pinwheel (choice of turkey, ham, turkey and ham, or hummus), pretzels, banana chips, pickle spears and a veggie pack (carrots, celery, peppers strips) along with a bottle of frozen water to help keep the food cold.

Limited to 72 paid seats, feastocratted by Gregor Burcadis
please contact Shavana Leigh O'Dell with any dietary or allergy restrictions/concerns (please mention these before Pre-registration closes)

First Course:  
Mushroom tart and salat vert

Second Course:  
Irish Stew, soda bread, butter, honey butter and minted peas

Third Course:  
Honey spiced oat cakes with raisins and pudding with an orange twist

Water, iced tea, Birch Beer (Baron Dafydd's brewed root beer), and Baron Dafydd's brewed apple ginger soda.
Martial Activities:
Heavy Weapons and Fencing will be featured.  More information regarding format/scenarios forthcoming.

Heavy Weapons Schedule
 11:30-12:30 Comrade in arms tournament
 12:30-1:00Lunch (delivered to the field, if you pre-order, See Fighters' Boxed Lunch, above) 
1:00-3:00   Steal the bacon
 3:00 & afterpick up fights 

Arts & Science Classes:
Beginners stuffed animal making by Fiona Ghylthir
Description: Learn to make your own patterns and simple stuffed animal.

If you are interested in teaching a class, contact Sióbhan of Flaming Gryphon

Arts & Sciences Activities:

Hand kissing contest judged by Allegra. 

Bobbing for roses competition. The roses will be short lengths of ribbon. 

 Best legs in a kilt contest.

Gaelic and Celtic themed A&S display/competition
Due to the dry nature of the site, alcohol may not be entered or judged.

Merchant space is strictly limited to 6 merchants. 
Merchant space is indoors, and limited to 10'x5' per merchant.
Contact merchantocrat if interested in merchanting. You must be preregistered with the merchant-o-crat, or we will not have room for you.
Merchants must tear down by 7pm.
Currently registered merchants include:
Aedric's Attic
North Sea Trade & Raid
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Put Together by KIM

Co-Autocrats: Shavana Leigh O'Dell (937)520-6939 
Heavy Marshall in Charge: Sir Alrekr Eriksson
Rapier Marshal in Charge:Warder Colin MacNish
A&S Class co-ordinator: Sióbhan of Flaming Gryphon
Feastocrat: Gregor Burcardis
Feast Coordinator: Lady Shavanna O'Dell
Hall Steward Lady Violet O'Dell
Dance Mistress: TBD
Merchant-o-crat: Ædric Lambert
Questions or commments: email the webminister
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