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Classes & Demos
Class openings are still available, and time spent teaching counts toward the 4 hours of volunteer service
that can get your site fee refunded.  Please contact the Autocrats to schedule your class before 8pm Friday
September 24th so we can be sure we have room for your class.
11 am
Beginner's Anglo-Scandinavian Clothing: by Cathryn of Chester
Field: Chirurgeon 101: by Master Erik Erikson the Scout
Tabernacle: Give the Drop Spindle a Whirl: by Lady Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
  Class will focus on drop spindle, but may include a demonstration on the spinning wheel.  Drop spindles and roving will be available.
12 Noon:
Lunch Break.  Can you smell the smokers cooking fresh smoked pulled pork and beef sandwiches?
1 pm
Commedia 101: by Abigail the Innocent
  An introduction to Commedia dell'arte, bawdy street theatre in the 16th century Italian style.
  Child friendly, but we ask that all children ages 9 and under please be accompanied by an adult.
Advanced Anglo-Scandinavian Clothing: by Cathryn of Chester
Tabernacle: Silk Painting demo: by Lady Amari bat Abraham
2 pm
Field: Rapier 101: by Master Erik Erikson the Scout
Tabernacle: Mischief in the Margins: by Edlyn of Meadowburne, CW.
  Ever notice those cute, odd (and sometimes lewd)
critters and characters in the margins of illuminated books?
  This class will examine examples, discuss some of the events and history
that they are commenting on and consider
  methods of using them to
put in-jokes on personalised award documents. Free handout
provided for class
  attendees to take home. Scribes and non-scribes
alike are welcome to attend. No class fee. Limit of 10 handouts,
  but teacher is willing to email
 handouts to additional students.
Basic Japanese Garb:  by Belle Jolie de Vosges [email: jpesula (at) zoomtown (dot) com ]
3 pm
Tabernacle: Beginner's Beer Brewing: by Guillaume de Vosges  [email: jpesula (at) zoomtown (dot) com ] Theory and instruction only.
  Per site rules, no alcohol will be present
Tabernacle: Stop the Garb Mayhem! It's Easy!: by Thalia
  Need a wardrobe right quick but too busy making mischief to find the time?  It's not madness!  It's quick and easy garb!
Weave Yourself a Harlequin Band: by Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn:
  One of the simplest forms of weaving, yet capable of making stunning patterns! We'll be weaving a band that produces diamonds of
  red, yellow, green, and blue. Be sure to bring a non-slip belt! Class limit of 6 students, $10 fee for supplies.
4 pm
Gymnasium: Dance class: by Lady Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
Bardic competition: led by Lady Folly GilIan, OW [email: Brusten (at) dnaco.net]
  Details to be forthcoming.
11 am
  Stick horse racing: (Field) Kid friendly, but open to all ages.
1 pm
 gaming den: led by Lord Brusten de Bearsul, OL, OP [email: Brusten (at) dnaco.net]
    (Feast Hall) Gamble your time away with a number of period games of skill and luck!
  Wild Beast Tournament: (Gymnasium) Slay wild beasts gathered from the four corners of the toybox.  Kid friendly, but open to
  all ages.
 Bardic Circle: (Tabernacle) led by Lady Folly GilIan, OW [email: Brusten (at) dnaco.net]
  Original compositions and period pieces are welcome, but by no means required. Sit, sing, and enjoy.  Prize offered for the best
  song on the themes of Mischief or Mayhem.
  Snowball Fight: A returning favorite from past Norborough events. Just watch out for the yellow snow!  Kid friendly, but open to
  all ages.
After Feast
  Dancing: (Gymnasium) led by Lady Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli
 For those of more warlike leanings, see our page for Martial (and Marshalled...) Activies.
It's hard to teach or learn over the sound of a rumbling tummy.  Why not enjoy our delicious 
featuring pulled pork and pulled beef sandwiches (smoked on site) and our surprise-filled "Feast of Fools"?