Sebastian Calonico   

  Assistant Professor   
  Department of Economics
  University of Miami School of Business Administration

  Jenkins Building, Room 517L
  5250 University Drive  
  Coral Gables, FL 33124

  Phone: (305) 284-1654
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Working Papers

  • Identifying Distributional Effects of Teachers and Peers in Nonseparable Models. 
    • November 2016. [Draft available upon request]
  • Multivalued Treatments and Decomposition Analysis: An application to the WIA Program, with Wallice Ao and Ying-Ying Lee. 
    • November 2016.  [Draft available upon request]
  • Coverage Error Optimal Confidence Intervals for Regression Discontinuity Designs, with Matias Cattaneo and Max Farrell.
    • November 2016
    • Are Participants Good Evaluators? Evidence from the National Supported Work Demonstration, with Jeffrey Smith.
      • July 2015.