The Business

Are you:

  • Currently a Full-Time Mum looking for a stimulating and worthwhile opportunity that is flexible enough to be fitted around other commitments?
  • Already self-employed parent, but wishing to expand and extend your skills?
  • Wanting to finish full-time work and spend more time with your family?
  • Looking for a tried, tested and successful formula to start your own business? One with lots of experience and support.


Want to know more about the business?

There are a number of tried and tested aspects which make the Scallywag a unique and successful business. Most revolve around the knowledge that you need to keep your readers happy by delivering what they need. Happy readers make successful and repetitive advertising sales, and this makes your business work, and go on working.


What’s involved?

There are five main aspects to running the franchise well;

  • Writing an interesting magazine
  • Selling enough advertising space
  • Designing an attractive yet readable magazine
  • Distributing the magazine to the right people
  • Running a business, including keeping books and accounts
  • But don’t worry. The great advantage of joining our team is THE REST OF THE TEAM


When you first join us…

you will receive;

  • A licence to create a Scallywag for your area; your community. Not necessarily your postcode or your county with borders drawn up by a bod in an office at the other end of the country, but the area you tell us is ‘local’.
  • A complete manual telling you how to put a Scallywag together, including success with advertising sales and keeping track of everything running the business involves
  • All the paperwork you need, including your own set of company stationery with headed paper, compliments slips, business cards (all as word or PDF files) invoice templates, etc
  • 1000 personalised leaflets to help you sell the idea to advertisers and distributors in your community
  • Your own Scallywag email address
  • Draft copies of marketing letters and other tools to help your start-up go as smoothly as possible
  • Access to our ever expanding back catalogue of features and articles. You need never worry about how to fill your magazine
  • Access to easy to follow video tutorials giving you an introduction to creating a magazine using Adobe InDesign
  • Privileged rates with our partner printer, if required
  • Privileged rates with our partner designer, if required
  • Webspace linked directly from The Scallywag Homepage
  • And, of course, as much one-to-one help and support as you need from the rest of the team.

In fact, the only thing we don’t provide is YOU!


Your continued success

We want you to stick with us so, as your business expands, you will continue to receive;

  • Access to the catalogue of features and articles where you can sell as well as buy.
  • Privileged printer and designer rates which we will keep low.
  • Reassurance that you are part of an ever expanding brand which we will continue to improve through marketing and by other means.


Who can do it?

All of our existing Editors are mums to young children. Mums are often perfect for taking on this opportunity because:

  • We know what parents want and need to know
  • We don’t want jobs that commit us to schedules and tie us to being away from our children
  • We need to be flexible, to work when we can but to be mums when we’re needed
  • We need to remember that we are intelligent individuals, not just mums.


Will I be able to do it?

You will need to be literate, amiable and organised.
The first issue takes time and commitment but we will be there to guide you all the way.
From there on you will find the job gets easier and producing a single edition of four issues per year, is not a full time job.
In fact you may decide that you have time to produce a second edition for a neighbouring area or increase to six issues a year. Anything is possible.


How much does it cost?

Unlike other magazine franchises, we do not charge a huge up-front fee then leave you on your own. We know the sort of people our business plan is attractive to and that they probably don’t have spare cash at this point in their lives.

There is an initial fee of £475 to cover your manuals and training requirements. Then, when you’re ready to sign the contract and join the team, the fee per Area/Edition is just £1,525.

The ongoing franchise fee is 5% of gross profit.


How much will I earn?

Of course this is very difficult to say. It will depend on may factors, but each Editor is free to set their own price list and run the business to maximise their profit. Many of our existing issues are making up to £3,500 gross profit per issue, of which net profit can be as high as 50%, and there is no restriction to the number of Editions you can choose to run or the number of issues a year you would like to produce (above a minimum of 3).

There is also potentially more money to be made by being a successful part of our team and selling your features, photographs, writing or other skills to other members of the team.


Want to know more?

If you would like to see our full prospectus plus some copies of the magazine, please fill in our enquiry form here.

If you think this may be the opportunity for you and would like to register your interest in an area, please fill in our registration form here.