What is Scalarama?

Scalarama  /ˈskā-lə-ra-mə/ (origin: early 21st century, from Latin scāla ‘ladder’ + Greek  horāma ‘view’, from horan ‘see’)
noun 1. a celebration of cinema, occurring annually in September.  2. something that raises visibility, particularly through collaboration.

Scalarama is an annual celebration of cinema taking  place every September. The season aims to unite all those who are passionate about showing films to one another, and to  champion communal film watching and the cinema experience. Scalarama takes the form of a month long season of screenings taking place across the world at a wide range of venues, with all different types of exhibitors showcasing films from across the history of cinema  and from all parts of the world.

Every September, Scalarama Fills the Land with Cinemas.