Shared Programme

Every year on the 24th May, when there are 100 days to go until the start of Scalarama, details of the shared programme will be posted on this page.

The shared programme (which used to be called the Core Programme) started as a way of giving a bit of focus to each season, but grew into working with distributors and promoting titles that deserve more screenings and attention.

It’s basically a list of films put forward by different programmers that are made available to book at a reduced rate for September, and will be hopefully be written and talked about in the Scalarama newspaper and in the press.  See here for 2015’s titles.

Do you think there’s a film that should be in the Scalarama shared programme?  Then Do it Yourself!  Here’s what you need to do...

Firstly - join the Scalarama Programmers Facebook group [coming soon!] and say hi!

This is the place to talk about your ideas, see what other people are thinking about doing, and basically to make sure that people don’t end up including very similar films – the best bit about Scalarama is its diversity – the Shared Programme should have all different types of films in it.

To be included in the Shared Programme, there’s a few things that you’ll need:

1.  Tell everyone about the film – why should exhibitors show it?  What’s interesting, exciting, different about it?  Why does it deserve to have lots of attention this year?

2.  Distributor deal – hopefully the distributor is excited about the promotion and bookings they’re going to get for this film – are they going to offer a discount for Scalarama bookings in September?  What are the terms offered?  Are they supporting / promoting the film in any other way?  Are there any posters / extras that are available to anyone showing the film?

3.  Booking details – how does an exhibitor book this film?  Is it available on DCP / Blu-Ray / DVD / 35mm / 16mm / VHS?  Who do they contact?

4.  Assets – it’s good to have hi-res images, the trailer (or link to it) and any other useful materials that exhibitors can use.

5.  Then just upload all the details to this page [coming soon!] by the 23rd May!

Any questions?  Ask them on the Scalarama Programmers Facebook group, or email