"Let's fill the world with cinemas"

Scalarama 2017

1 - 30 September 2017

the annual celebration of Cinema

for everyone, by everyone, everywhere, every September

Scalarama screenings, meetings and posters from across the years.

Every September, cinemas, film clubs and festivals plus groups and individuals with a passion for movies, unite to celebrate watching films together. Since 2011, this annual celebration sees September transform into a month of amazing films, screened in various locations and by all different types of people - some old hands, some completely new to creating cinema!

Scalarama is by everyone, for everyone, everywhere, with DIY in its veins! There's no cost to being involved, and we hope you find new activities and locations in your area.

Scalarama 2017 is confirmed to take place in the UK in Leeds - Manchester - Glasgow - Brighton - London - Bristol - Nottingham - Liverpool - Birmingham - Hull and in France Toulouse. Want to start a Scalarama in your village, town or city? Just drop us a line at hello@scalarama.com and we'll get you started. Gather like minded people, plan in advance, keep it inclusive and share your passion!

Want a taste of Scalarama? Check out our Letterboxd page with every film shown in the season, or visit the Scalarama map of all screening locations.

Want to get involved? With loads of support out there, it has never been a better time to get screening and start dreaming what you would show! For more information or to find local support, email hello@scalarama.com.

The proper Scalarama.com is being built - this is our temporary resource site. Here you can...

Want to hear from some participants? Check out this video below from the amazing Reel Good Film Club who went from complete newbies who attended a Scalarama - I Want to Be a Cinema event in 2013, to amazing film club innovators and who last year celebrated their 2nd Birthday as part of #Scalarama2016.