Dr. Scalambrino is now writing his fifth book. Having taught graduate-level philosophy and psychology courses, he is presently constructing a series of public seminars in philosophical psychology. With a penchant for the history of Western philosophy, Dr. Scalambrino regularly teaches metaphysics, ethics, critical thinking, and existentialism (including Samurai and Zen philosophy toward what he calls an "Eastern existential ethics of sincerity").  He has received recognition for teaching excellence in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, and Ohio. In 2003 he was inducted into Chi Sigma Iota, the National Counseling Honor Society. 
     Before age 27 he founded a Community Mental Health Suicide Prevention Respite Unit and Clinical Intervention Center; he has worked in various direct service provision and leadership capacities in mental health counseling, psychiatric emergency rooms, and trauma settings (including, but not limited to, Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Braddock, Pennsylvania). He was the starting quarterback and a team captain of the Kenyon College football team. His writing projects are oriented toward existentialism, social philosophy and technology, methods and systems of psychology and psychotherapy (especially existential-phenomenological and Jungian approaches), mindfulness and spirituality.

     In determining his projects as an author, Dr. Scalambrino believes:
"Empty is the word of that philosopher by whom no affliction of men is cured.  For as there is no benefit in medicine if it does not treat the diseases of the body, so with philosophy, if it does not drive out the affliction of the soul." ~Epicurus, "Fragment #54," (Cyril Bailey translation).