Other State Adult Sibling Networks

Other State Adult Sibling Networks:


S.I.B.S (Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters).  S.I.B.S. sponsors AdultSibsNet, a listserv/Yahoo Group for adult sibs in Illinois.

The Arc of the Greater Twin Cities features events for siblings of all ages.  Programs for adult brothers and sisters include caregiver support and provide information accessing services such as medical assistance, supplemental security income, waivers, employment and housing.

New York

Located in New York City, AHRC offers adult sibling support groups, adult sibling book clubs, counseling and informational resources.

Ohio SIBS,  http://www.ohiosibs.com/?page_id=6 , offers an annual adult sibling conference, provides technical assistance for local support groups in Ohio, publishes a quarterly newsletter (Sibling SPHERE) and provides information and referral for adult siblings across the state.

TABS (Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters) is a newly organized group for adult siblings of individuals with disabilities. TABS understand that being an adult sibling of a brother or a sister with a disability has its rewards and challenges. Giving support to and receiving support from siblings who have experienced these rewards and challenges themselves can be both healing and celebratory. Support from peers can generate opportunities for emotional growth, can aid in making connections with services and supports from those who have “been there,” and can enable a stronger and more fulfilling bond with a brother or a sister.

Washington State
The Washington State Adult Sibs (WSAS) group sponsors a listserv where members can connect with other Washington State adult sibs and learn and seek information about services in Washington State for adults with disabilities.  WSAS also sponsors “Blue Moon” get-togethers that provide attendees with camaraderie, information, good food, knowing laughs, and maybe a glass of wine!

The Fox Valley Sibling Support Network sponsors an annual adult sibling conference and hosts workshops on planning for the future of a sibling who has a disability.