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Sheffield Climate Alliance

Petition for 10,000 Climate Jobs for Sheffield


·         We are local people who care about climate change and understand that it is an economic and social issue.

·         We call on Sheffield City Council to implement a plan for 10,000 new climate jobs in Sheffield, to address the economic and environmental crisis, through:

o        Making new and existing buildings energy efficient

o        Expanding and integrating low-fare public transport

o        Creating research and manufacturing for energy generation from renewable sources

o        Enabling a switch to local, ecological food production

o        Offering free programmes of training in Green Skills



This is the first petition from the Sheffield Climate Alliance and we want to show Sheffield City Council that lots of people care about Climate Change. If we get 5,000 signatures we will force a 45 minute debate in the council. Nearer the time of the debate we will also ask you lobby your own local councillor.


We have chosen to demand 10,000 climate jobs in Sheffield because this takes Climate Change out of the environment portfolio and into the mainstream economic and social arena. This makes it more obviously relevant to the public and to councillors. This campaign is based on the national campaign for a million climate jobs supported by the TUC.[1]


Our council has reduced the focus and spending on climate change over the last year. At the same time the International Energy Agency announced the highest CO2 emissions on record despite the global recession.[2] This means that we are now likely to have at least a 2 C rise in temperature by the end of the century with climate chaos as a consequence for our grandchildren. Already there are serious environmental impacts in the oceans; deforestation; desertification; species loss; flooding; forest, grass & peat fires.[3]

Climate jobs offer a way out of economic and environmental crisis and we think that this can be modelled at a city wide level.  Climate jobs are those that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, for example by enhancing energy efficiency, developing renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy, through public transportation and eco-agriculture.

·         We call for an immediate, fully funded programme to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in existing and new buildings.

·         We call for council funding for free or low fare public transport services and the expansion and integration of public transport networks run from renewable energy sources; the reduction of private car use; for major investment in extending the rail network and introducing faster and more efficient trains;

·         We call for direct intervention by the council to create new industries, and convert existing and declining industries, to conduct the research, development, manufacture and installation of alternative technologies for generating electricity from renewable sources.

·         We call for further development of production of local food through ecological farming on council land.

·         We call on the council to finance free programmes of “Green Skills” training through Further Education

The CO2 reduction needed by the UK by 2050 in order to keep the global temperature rise to 2 degrees C if all countries sign up to Contraction and Convergence proposal for carbon emissions. More info from the Global Commons Institute.

Sheffield Climate News,
Jul 14, 2011, 9:38 AM