Who we are

Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change is friendly local group linked to the national Campaign against Climate Change. We believe that action is needed now to avert catastrophic climate change. We now organise under the banner of Sheffield Climate Alliance and you can find all our information at www.sheffieldclimatealliance.net.

Why we need to act

  • The earth’s climate is warming up, causing more extreme weather, floods, draughts, storms and heat waves
  • Climate scientists now agree the main cause is “greenhouse gases” produced by burning gas and coal
  • Climate change causes death and suffering for millions of people world wide, mostly the poor
We must act now to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


What we do

  • National and local days of action and demonstrations
  • Lobby Sheffield City Council and Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Support related national and local campaigns.
  • Film shows and talks for local groups

We Campaign for:

  • An International Treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions
  • Effective national policies to facilitate low-carbon living
  • Decisive local action to reduce Sheffield's carbon footprint
  • No new fossils fuels - and against unsustainable agrofuels
  • Strong UK leadership at international climate talks 

What you can do:

This site has details of our activities up to late 2014, for historic interest only! For current information, visit www.sheffieldclimatealliance.net

ACTION: People’s Climate March on Sunday

21st September – Sheffield Rivers Rally!

Join Sheffield Climate Alliance on our creative walks along Sheffield’s rivers... Meet at 1pm to walk along Sheffield’s Rivers and/OR rally outside the Town Hall at 3pm

Connect with the huge People’s Climate March in New York to lobby the UN Summit...world leaders are attending a UN summit in New York City on the climate change crisis. Ban Ki-moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution

A massive People’s Climate March in New York City will demonstrate how people feel, and more than 1500 events are happening all over the world to get across one big global message: We actually have the tools and the plan we need to make sure we don't cross into a world where tipping points destroy us.

Sheffield Climate Alliance are responding - with over 30 groups coming together under one big umbrella, we have planned four routes with different colour themes to converge at the Town Hall and say ‘It’s Time to Act’:

Make your voice heard for action on climate change now!

BLUE - clean water and No Fracking: walk along the Upper Don - starting from Hillsborough Corner S6 2LP  (overlooking weir) at junction Langsett Road and Holme Lane, contact jennyc106@btinternet.com

BLACK - for divestment from Fossil Fuels and for investment in renewable energy: walk along the Porter Brook - starting from Endcliffe Park S11 7EA (Bingham Park end), contact liamkhardy@gmail.com

RED – for Climate Jobs and Warm Homes: walk along the River Sheaf - starting from Millhouses Park S7 2QQ  at café/boating lake contact chris1broome@yahoo.co.uk

YELLOW - for safe food and No Flooding: walk along the Lower Don - starting from entrance to Attercliffe Cemetery, near the junction of Shirland Lane, opposite the Don Valley Hotel S9 3RQ on Attercliffe Rd, contact eulalatennis@hotmail.com


Be creative and wear or carry something for the colour or theme of the walk you’re joining! Please like/share it on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-Climate-Alliance/186677954837070


This event is supported by a coalition of UK campaign organisations see letter to Guardian



More about the campaign on http://www.campaigncc.org/TimetoAct

Climate Jobs – creating the future we want


We have just held a meeting with John Mothersole, CEO of Sheffield City Council about progressing investment advocated in the Mini Stern report published by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures.  Leeds University has recently calculated that investing locally in the most cost-effective climate solutions would create over 6000 jobs and add £300 million per year to Sheffield City regional economy. 

 >> Get Involved!

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