Known World Bardic Colleges & Groups

General Useful Links to Bardic Colleges of the Known World
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 Naomi bat Avraham (Naomi Hampson)

Known World AS 46 - Image by Naomi bat Avraham (Naomi Hampson)

Katriana's Songbook Page - 
(a collection of many bardic song books in .pdf form from around the Known World from the past to the present)

Kingdom Company, An Tir Bards: -

Æthelmearc College of Bards -,


Ansteorran Bardic Guild -
Ansteorra – Voices of the Star –Songbook -

Atenveldt College of Bards -

Atlantia A&S Performance Arts Links -
Royal Bard of Atlantia - Storytelling Site
Bards of Atlantia - Facebook Community -
Bards and Performers of Atlantia -

Bards and Performers of Avacal -
Bards of Avacal -
Avacal bards

Caid Choir -

Calontir A&S Guilds -
Calontir Songbook -


East Kingdom College of Performers - and
(Old) Bardic College of the East Kingdom -
(Old) Bardic College of the East Kingdom Song Links -

Eldomere Bardic College -

The Performers and Entertainment Guild of Lochac -
The Known Words – Lochac -
Lochac Virtual Songbook -

Barony of Ynys Fawr
 - The Society for Creative Anachronism in Tasmania - We Wear Chainmail Knickers, the Ynys Fawr songbook, volumes I, II, III, IV and V, by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen – (Mostly, but not limited to, Middle Kingdom Bard and Works) -
Middle Kingdom Bardic Facebook Page - Midrealm Bardic Grotto -
Middle Kingdom Bardic Madness -

Northshield: Arts & Sciences - Bardic Sumissions
Northshield Songbook -
Northshield College of Bards (old?) -

Bardic Arts of the Outlands -
Outlands bards

Wintermist Bardic Fellowship -