The University of Texas at Austin

A couple of our team members had the opportunity to attend SC for the first time last fall as student volunteers.  As our members experienced the conference, one event in particular that drew their attention was the Student Cluster Competition.  They were captivated by watching the teams work directly with the same technologies that were displayed on the exhibit floor.  After talking with the teams, the breadth of knowledge and skills that they had acquired was apparent.  participating in this competition will give us the same level of expertise demonstrated by these competitors.

Since most of our team has not been exposed to HPC, building a cluster and learning to utilize it will be a fantastic learning opportunity.  We all have the desire to learn about ever aspect involved with HCP.  This project will provide us with the opportunity to gain an immense amount of experience in a research field that fuels our passion.  We are excited to immerse ourselves in a real world project where was have complete control from start to finish, as well as to work closely with experts from a renowned supercomputing center.

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Phillip Verheyden

Loren Micheloni

Alex Heinzmann

Vladimir Coxall

Bethany Barrientos

Jason Kilman

Supervised by:  Byoung-Do Kim, TACC, The University of Texas at Austin

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