Louisiana State University

The team that we have assembled consists of a number of members that have been working together for
over a year. Our members are interested in testing the limit of our individual capabilities and collective
teamwork. In addition to this, we would like to bring pride to LSU and the state of Louisiana by
showcasing the skills and knowledge that we will acquire through months of vigorous training for the
contest. We feel that this is a great opportunity for us to measure our abilities against other teams around
the nation, and perhaps other countries, that have assembled to compete in the SC10 Cluster Challenge.
Finally, this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy working, competing, and having fun with the other
members of the team.


Jason Kincl
Computer Science

Austin Howick
Computer Science
My goal for college was to go into computer science based on lifelong fascination with computers. My first formal computer class was at Dutchtown High where I learned Visual Basic. I became fascinated with the art of programming and how you can tell a computer the correct way of doing something. Toward the end of high school, I took part in many academic activities including the
marching band. I was part of the National Honor Society, which selects people based on their scholarship, leadership, service and character. When it came time for the literary rally, my computer science teacher suggested that I should be the representative from Dutchtown, so I went and placed third at regionals. I also competed in programming contests, where there were only groups of two or three. I found it refreshing, because now I could apply what I was learning in and out of class. This would be the spark that started my college career choice. When I started taking computer science classes at Louisiana State University, I learned Java using analogies compared to Visual Basic. Last year, I started the ICPC practices and ACM. It reminded me of
the programming contests in high school, only more challenging. Throughout college I have strived to learn as much as I can, and this cluster competition will expand my horizons from the programming side to the hardware side. I am interested in software development or computer programming, because I like
to change code in order to make it more efficient. I also like to create code for a specific purpose or goal.

Kenny Barron
Computer Science
Physics engines in computers have always interested me and I would like to learn more about the mechanics behind creating these engines. Some of the engines that interest me include
Project Offset and Ragdoll Physics. Project Offset is attempting to render cinematic quality video games in realtime. Another area of computer science that interests me is the digital media and arts that are incorporated into movies such as Shrek and Avatar. The current chapter of ACM at LSU has been an entertaining part of my college career. I joined ACM at the beginning of my sophomore year and intend to run for an officer in ACM for my next year. My friend and I are trying to put together an action, adventure game using the C# programming language. We are trying to implement material physics into a simple game to demonstrate the use of forces inside computers. After I get my undergraduate degree, I will attend graduate school to study an area of computer science such as game theory.

Tung Le
Computer Science
During my senior year, I opted to take an elective course in computer science that introduced me to the history of computers and exposed me to computer hardware and my first experience in a programming language, Pascal. I discovered that dealing with computer hardware, software, and computer languages was very
interesting but never considered the possibility of pursuing
the subject beyond the scope of the course.

Upon entering LSU, I chose to focus in the field of biology under the suggestion of my parents. After a few years in biology, I came to the realization that my interest in biology was purely informational and that I had no interest in pursuing a career in the field. After having another computer science course as my elective, this time focusing on programming in C and C++, I decided that my real interest lies in computers and mustered up the courage to make the change late in my college career.

During my time after the change into the field, I discovered
that the spectrum of computer science was much wider and
broader than I could have imagined. With this realization, I decided that it may be best to search for possible ways to combine my knowledge of computer hardware, my background and interest in biology, and my renewed interest in programming. I am looking into possibly working with bioinformatics and maybe even research graduate school.

The SC10 Student Cluster Contest was introduced to me during a general meeting of the ACM. I immediately found myself interested in working with the hardware and software and, at the same time, expand my knowledge and experience through first hand learning. The notion of showcasing the capabilities of these machines in front of an audience scares me yet excites me at the same time. After much discussion with some of the other members that have expressed similar interest in the competition,
we decided to enter this competition for different reasons but the same goal. We aim to construct a cluster and efficiently utilize its capabilities by demonstrating the installation and use of various

McKendon LeFleur
Computer Science
My interests include game theory, chaos theory, and multi-agent systems, and video game design. My interest of game theory extends from reading mystery novels and trying to discern from the decisions characters make what motivates their actions. Jurassic Park inspired my interest in chaos theory from the character, Ian Malcolm. I would like to participate in the Super Computer Clustering competition to learn how to use clusters so that I can model game theory and chaos theory in multi-agent systems. The project I am currently working on is a C# XNA game that is planned to be released to the public free of charge. I am part of the ACM local chapter at LSU and ACM International; I also compete in ACM and other programming contests. I am opened to both job opportunities and graduate school after the completion of my undergraduate degree.

Alexander Chretien

Supervised by:  Isaac Traxler
Vendor Partner:  HP, LATG (an HP partner), AMD, Mellanox, Adaptive Computing, and Portland Group