Florida A&M University

Our students have attended previous SC conferences and were inspired by the spirit of this year’s SC.
After SC 09, we started to work on organizing our team. From finding vendor partners to working on the
applications, we overcame numerous challenges. We believe that we will win at SCC 10 by working
effectively together.

Our team is fairly new to cluster technology and have not had the experience with many tools prior to the
preparation of this event. However, at Florida A&M University, we are in the habit of participating in
challenges and competitions, and have taken the necessary steps towards being prepared to win.

Our students are passionate about technology and its increasing importance in both the present and the
immediate future. We are aware that HPC plays an important role in technology advancements and eager
to explore its applications. SCC provides an effort to give students a hands-on experience with HPC, from
hardware to software, in a competitive environment. This available experience attracted our students and
motivated them to participate in SCC 2010. Through SCC, we will increase our knowledge and
understanding of HPC, parallel environments and/or applications, in addition to learning more about
super computers and clusters. We also hope to gain some insight to the difficulties system administrators
face when developing and maintaining robust low-cost HPC systems and how HPC can be used to solve
business problems. Our students’ motivation stems from participating in various activities including
administration of an Xserver cluster at our Astro Particle and Cosmic Radiation Detector Research and
Development Laboratory, and attending related conferences such as TeraGrid10. We would like to extend
our involvement in the HPC world and SCC provides a great experience towards that goal.


Antony Jepson
Computer Engineering

Antony is a 2nd-year Computer Engineering major who will be interning with Apple Inc's Consumer Apps Division this summer. He is passionate about technology and its increasing importance in both the present and the immediate future. He enjoys solving challenging problems and learning about new subjects. He spends his spare time reading about the latest developments across the globe and playing Dance Dance Revolution. He presented at the Morgan State Innovative STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Symposium in March 2009 on the Rain Garden Project sponsored by the STEM Learning Community.
Neil Greene
Computer Information Systems
Neil is a senior Computer Information Systems major interested in IT management. He has attended the ARTSI Conference in Virginia and placed first in the Spelman Olympiad Robotics competition. He is also a Research Assistant with Dr. Allen.
Canli Wang
Computer Information Systems
Canli is a junior Computer information Science major with research
experience in modeling biological synchrony using software engineering and mathematical approaches. She is currently working as research assistant with Dr. Chi on a computational project. She is interested in software development and loves conducting research in the field of computational science. She likes to communicate with high school students who are interested in math and computer science and show them how these areas affect our daily lives. She desires to work as both a researcher and a teacher, contributing to the field of computer science.
Collins Orizu
Computer Information Systems
Collins is a senior Computer Information Systems major interested in Database Management Systems and Computer Security. He is a member of the Army Reserve and was deployment to Afghanistan in 2008. He is an outstanding and dedicated individual and a great team contributor. Collins is an active member of CISMO (Computer Information Sciences Mentoring Organization) and also a member of ACM.
Tyshun Jones
Computer Information Systems
Tyshun is a senior Computer Information Sciences major who loves his area of study and is also lives it. He has a strong desire to conduct research in an area where he can contribute
significantly. His ultimate goal is to earn his Ph.D. and become a
professor; conducting groundbreaking research and helping others
achieve their academic dreams. Tyshun currently dedicates a significant amount of his time researching on artificial intelligence. He has placed second in computer science at the 2010 FG-LSAMP (Florida Georgia Louis-Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) conference. Moreover, he was part of the team representing FAMU that has competed in the ADMI (The Association of Computer/Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions) 2010 conference. Tyshun is always looking forward to more opportunities to advance his knowledge in the field of computer science.
Robert Dunn Jr.
Computer Information Systems
Robert Dunn Jr. is a senior Computer Information Science major from Saginaw, MI. He displays a strong interest in mathematics, logic and probability balanced with an even stronger appreciation for technology. After realizing his potential, Robert was recruited by Dr. Chi as a Research Assistant. He has conducted research in parallel computation under CSTEM. His current goal is to raise awareness about HPC and to enhance and/or advance the eminence of research conducted at Florida A&M University. He attended the TeraGrid10 Conference on August 1st – 5th 2010, in Pittsburgh, PA. Robert is now the first TeraGrid Campus
Champion in the state of Florida.

Supervised by:  Dr. Hongmei Chi (Faculty Sponsor)
                        Mr. Kevin Lawrence (Co-sponsor)

Vendor Partner:  Atlantic Computer, LLC,
                         HP Partner for Higher Education