University of Colorado

The University of Colorado looks forward to the opportunity to compete in the Super Computing 2010 Student Cluster Competition. Sponsored by the HPC Advisory Council our team of six undergraduates are ready to bring the latest in high performance computing technology and talent to this years competition.

The University of Colorado continues to demonstrate a commitment to high performance scientific computing both in its use of HPC on campus and in its undergraduate curriculum. In addition to the more than thirty departmental HPC clusters on campus the university is currently in the build out phase of a
research computing center which will house a 1,368 node cluster. Each node will contain dual six-core Intel Westmere processors, 24gigabytes of RAM and QDR Infiniband.

This is truly a team effort; the students use a wide array of collaborative technologies to help coordinate their work. In addition to regular e-mail, we hold routine face to face meetings, all the students’ use Google Talk, a team “wiki” and web site are being setup. The students have already started communicating with researchers and application authors to enlist their help in understanding the applications and scientific domains. We believe we can win this competition because our students are enthusiastic about the technology and hungry to learn and apply new skills.

This year we will be fielding a complete team of six undergraduates, two of which are returning from last year. Team members from last year have been able to partner with new students to get them up to speed more efficiently so that the entire team has more experience and is more effective. Our cluster is based on a proven high performance portable commercial & open source software stack tuned to run on the most advanced high performance hardware commercially available. Our team has learned from past experiences and is eager to apply their knowledge to winning the Supercomputing 2010 Student Cluster Competition.


Timothy Dunn
Molecular Biology, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Cory Zachman
Applied Mathematics

Alexander Drotar
Computer Science

Christopher D. Lindholm
Computer Science

Blake Caldwell
Computer Science

Pavel P. Zelinsky
Computer Science

Supervised by:  Doug Smith, Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics

Vendor Partner:  Dell, AMD, Mellanox, and FusionIO through the HPC Advisory Council