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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the SCC.  To reach us, send email to

The hardworking volunteer committee that makes the Student Cluster Competition possible is insanely dedicated to students, the future of HPC and the SC conference.  Some of the insane include:

Hai Ah Nam
Co-chair, Technical Program
Dr. Nam is a computational nuclear physicist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory by day and digging a tunnel from TN to CA by night.  She's most pleasant after a good run and feeding and thinks that every dispute should be settled via a DDR (dance dance revolution) showdown. 

Tiki L. Suarez-Brown
Co-chair, Communities
Tiki Suarez-Brown is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Industry at Florida A&M University.  Her research interests include MIS, Collaborative Environments, and HPC.  Her interests that keep her sane include traveling, watching movies (action of any kind), and sports.

Bob Beck
The man behind the curtain
Bob Beck is currently a team lead for AICT Central Services, and a Sessional Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. He was born in the United States, however his parents made a daring escape over the border to Canada during the Nixon regime when he was two years old, and as such he is the product of Canadian irreverance and two parents with PHd's from Berkeley in the 60's.  He is a long time computing brat and general troublemaker with some specific talents in systems, design, and coding and security.  He has been involved in one format or another with the cluster competition since it's inception. and grooves on involving students in computing of pretty much any kind.  He's an active OpenBSD and OpenSSH developer, as well as a generic software developer and cat herder for hire.

Important Trivia Fact:  Bob's Mommy taught Brent Gorda how to program in Assembler.

Brent Gorda
Advisor Extraordinaire
Brent Gorda is currently the CEO of WhamCloud, Inc. and was very previously the  Deputy for Advanced Technology Projects for Computation at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Despite being initially responsible for the cluster competition event, he prefers to remain anonymous.  In the wild, he is typically found either drinking very strong coffee or head-down typing frantically as though the world were about to end.

Sam Coleman

All around cool guy and the voice of reason
Sam is happily retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and has never been busier. 2010 activities including chairing a mass storage conference, directing a stage play, timing the Reno Air Races, volunteering at the University of Nevada Medical School, helping at SCC, fixing neighborhood computers, attending his 50-year high school reunion, and doing as much snowboarding and hiking as time allows.