SC10 SCC Results

The SC10 Student Cluster Competition, was fierce - fingers and minds whirring tirelessly - but it was not a cut throat scene of bloody mayhem, rather the epitome of a community coming together to push the best out of each other.  The camaraderie between the student teams was inspiring and the outpouring of support from the sponsors and vendor community to reach out to the next generation of HPC was reassuring that we are invested in the future.

Although we consider all of the teams to be winners for their valiant efforts, there are of course the official winners.  And they are (drum roll please)...

SCC Overall Winner: 
National Tsing Hua University partnered with Acer Incorporated, Tatung Company, and NCHC
For the highest aggregate score in the HPCC benchmark, throughput and correctness of the 4 real-world applications, and interviews.

The University of Texas at Austin partnered with Dell and TACC
For the highest HPL value (1.07 TFlops) in an HPCC run while staying within the 26 Amp constrained power limit. 

** This is the first year for any SCC team to break a teraflop!  Actually, we had three teams join the TERAFLOP CLUB (Louisiana State University and National Tsing Hua University).

SCC Fan Favorite: 
University of Colorado at Boulder partnering with Dell, AMD, Mellanox, and FusionIO through the HPC Advisory Council
For the most votes from SC10 attendees for their all around coolness.

Team captain Tim Dunn accepting for the team.