SC10 SCC Pictures

Here are some of the pictures taken throughout SC10 to help us remember all of the hard work, but also fun we had during the competition.  If you have pictures as well, please send them to us or tell us where we can link to them.

There are the photos taken by the SC10 photographer:
(contact me if you need higher resolution)

Here are a few of my favorite to enjoy!

Saturday - Bob tells teams what they can and can't do with the duct tape while they set up their clusters.  No Monkey Business!  or... I think it was horsing around.

Sunday - All SCC teams wish Polina a happy birthday at dinner at the New Orleans School of Cooking. 

Monday - Barry Hess, SC10 Conference Chair, gets tatted by the NTHU team from Taiwan. 

Monday - Bob holding up Team LSU with an air horn.  "Gimme all your clusters or you'll get one in the ear!"

AND... some much needed rest.