To win the overall SCC event, the aggregate scores from the HPCC Benchmarks, four applications, and the interview & outreach portion of the event will be combined to determine the winner. Each of these six components will be combined towards the final score.


Recognition will be given for the highest LINPACK.

In 1997, ASCI Red at Sandia National Lab broke a teraflop using 850 kW of power (http://www.top500.org/system/2758) with over 9,000 CPUs. Has HPC technology advanced enough that a team of students can do it with a small cluster using roughly 3kW of power?

The LINPACK results of the HPCC portion of the Student Cluster Competition will be announced on Tuesday when the TOP500 committee meets with the public to announce the new TOP500 list.


Throughout the competition, SC participants will vote for their favorite SCC team. This is your chance to impress the greater SC audience and get noticed.

** Before The Competition **

Prior to the competition, teams are encouraged to work closely with vendor partners and domain scientists to understand their hardware and the competition applications. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for the students, and we hope team members, the supervisor, and vendor partners collaborate to maximize the educational impact.

** During The Competition **

Once the competition starts, student teams will not be allowed to receive assistance from supervisors or vendor partners.