Everything's ConnectedIt's about a detective who catches a cheating spouse in the act (sort of), solves a kid's disappearance, and proves a little theoretical quantum physics--all in in just a few minutes!  The rights has been purchased by Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online. It's available to read for free now at overmydeadbody.com. (Just click the link.) After you read it, you can enter a free contest by leaving a comment about the story on my blog, at stevenebelanger.blogspot.com.  The link is also given in the author bio section at the end of the story. As always, I appreciate it, and thanks again for reading my stuff.

The Zombie's Lament - It's about a guy who loses the love of his life, gets bitten in the face by a zombie, and tries to apologize to his beloved before he turns--or dies. The rights for this short story was purchased by the good people at Big Pulp for an anthology series to be published in two volumes.  They'll be available via Kindle, online, and in print.  Volume One will appear in June 2014 and Volume Two--which will have my story--in April 2015.  In the meantime, check out other good pulpy stuff at Big Pulp's website.

So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season
- The rights were purchased and it was published by onthepremises.com in March 2013. It appears there now, in Issue #19. It's a non-genre piece (my first published) about a writer who finally stops lying to himself and deals with his crappy life and horrible marriage--on Christmas Eve.  It's free--and here's the link. After you've read it, please go to the blog entry set up for comments to this piece.  Thanks!
Someone To Come Home To - A very short, nonfiction piece about how adopting my dog helped to improve my life.  Rights purchased in January 2012 for an anthology.  It's a neat little book about how to deal with the anxieties life throws at us.  Here's the Amazon link.  The Kindle is $2.99 and the paperback is $8.99.  Thanks for taking a look.  You can see a picture of the happy greyhound, and comment on the piece, at this entry set up for it on my blog.  Please and thank you!

Hide the Weird - This was my first bought short story, published by the awesome people at Space and Time Magazine.  A young man has the ability to see short-term into the future--just enough to see that the woman he loves is about to die in a horrible fire.  How does he save her, without letting her know that he has this curse / ability?  Here's the link. It's only $5.00, so press the subscribe button and pick up a copy!  And then let me know what you think.  Click on the "Contact" link to the right, and shoot me a quick email--or go to my blog and post a quick comment.  Either way, I promise to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Thanks!