About the Author

Steven E. Belanger

Steve Belanger has been writing since he was seven, after he read Stephen King's Carrie and thought: I can do this.  His first published piece, written at the same age, was "A Christmas Carole," a short story inside of a Christmas card, created for his ailing mother.  She smiled, and he was hooked.  He's writing whenever he's not paying The Man (or is it the other way around?) and he lives with his better half, and his greyhound. For some reason, the Horror Writers Association of America (HWA) keeps accepting him as a member.  On most days (and nights, and weekends, and holidays, and--) he's hunched over his office desk, writing stories or novels, pounding the internet pavement, preparing story submissions for magazine editors and novel packages for agents, or pouring over papers and plans for his day job.  And over-alliterating the letter P.  He also eats and sleeps, on occasion.  He enjoys baseball and breathing, when he has the time, and he's finishing a novel, as is everybody else.  This is his first website.

Please click on the "Writings" link to see summaries and links of his published work.  His "Blog" has lots of pics, and movie and book reviews, and other stuff, and somehow has accumulated over 40,000 pageviews, as of 3/12/14.  If you'd like to "Contact," please do.  He looks forward to your communication and he promises (with fingers crossed) to respond in a timely fashion.