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August 2014: "Everything's Connected," about a detective who catches a cheating spouse in the act (sort of), solves a kid's disappearance, and proves a little theoretical quantum physics--all in in just a few minutes!--has been purchased by Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online. It's available to read for free now at overmydeadbody.com. (Just click the link.) After you read it, you can enter a free contest by leaving a comment about the story on my blog, at stevenebelanger.blogspot.com.  The link is also given in the author bio section at the end of the story.  As always, I appreciate it, and thanks again for reading my stuff.

March 2014: "The Zombie's Lament" has been sold to Big Pulp for its anthology series.  It's about a guy who loses the love of his life, gets bitten in the face by a zombie, and tries to apologize to his beloved before he turns--or dies.  Volume One will hit the stores, online and physical, in June 2014.  Volume Two will be published in April 2015.  The second one will have my story.  So if you like zombies--and who doesn't?!?--save your pennies and buy Volume One from Big Pulp in June.  And, it goes without saying: Mark April 2015 on your calendar to buy the volume with my story in it.  No, seriously, go mark it right now.  Please? And go to Big Pulp's Facebook page or Big Pulp's website.

March 2013: "So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season" was purchased and published by Onthepremises.com and appears there now, in Issue 19.  It's free at this OnThePremises link, so please read it.  After you've done that, please comment about it (good, or bad--but politely) at my blog entry here, set up for this story's comments.  Please and thank you, and while you're at OnThePremises.com, take a free read of some other stories there, too.
May 5, 2012: "Someone to Come Home to," a short nonfiction piece about how my life improved after I adopted a greyhound, is now in an anthology being sold on Amazon, at this link.  If you like uplifting stories about how to survive the anxieties that life often throws at us, please give it a look.  Thanks!

March 23, 2012: "Hide the Weird" is currently appearing in Space and Time Magazine, available via www.spaceandtimemagazine.com.  After you've read it, please go to my blog and comment on the "Hide the Weird" entry.  I promise to get back to you in a timely fashion.  Thanks!

December 8, 2010:
I just created My Sports Blog, so go there, please and thank you, if you're interested in sports--mostly baseball and football, but I'm game for anything.  HA!  Get it?!?  There's a post now up about the recent Adrian Gonzalez trade and its aftereffects.

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