This course has been approved by the IAI Fingerprint Examiners Certification Exam Board
Despite huge advancements in DNA technology, fingerprint identification is still the number one way that unknown suspects are identified. 
While it isn't always possible to find and recover latent fingerprints there are many methods available to all crime scene investigators that can greatly improve the likelihood of obtaining identifiable latent prints. 

This course will cover latent fingerprint detection, development, and collection techniques using powders, chemicals, alternate light sources, and photography. Additionally this course will share tips and tricks for getting the best results with each method and will also emphasize the importance of patience and tenacity.

Techniques taught and practiced in this class do not require special equipment or elaborate laboratories. They can be employed by any agency at relatively little expense. 

Students spend the entire week practicing with various powders and chemicals and any type of "evidence" they want to experiment with. To date students in this class have developed latent prints on rocks, leather, bricks, plant leaves, bedsheet material, and even bark, among other odd items.

Click on link below to see pictures of developed latent fingerprints: