Debbie Harris

Debbie is RETIRED! But, might still be around to teach a little bit.



Debbie began her carer in 1979 after graduating from USC with a degree in Anthropology. Debbie went to work for the San Bernardino County Museum in the Archaeology / Paleontology Division. Debbie stayed at the museum until 1995 when she joined the Sheriff's Dept. Scientific Investigations Division as a 10-print fingerprint examiner. In 1996 Debbie promoted to the CSI unit and in 2000 was appointed Lead Person and Training Officer for that unit. In 2005 Debbie was promoted to the Sheriff's Training Academy where she developed the CSI Training program. 

Debbie has been teaching CSI related classes to law enforcement employees for over 15 years including advanced disciplines such as bloodstain analysis, bone identification, and gravesite excavation.

Debbie has been certified through the International Association for Identification as a Crime Scene Analyst and a Bloodstain Pattern Examiner. Debbie is a member of IAI, the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, the International Association for Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, the International Crime Scene Investigators Association, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and the Inland Empire Professional Photographers Association.