All Coroner series courses are California POST Plan IV Certified
All Coroner series courses are approved by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI)
San Bernardino Count Sheriff / CSI Training Unit presents a series of 8hr classes appropriate for anyone who investigates death, but specifically created for Coroner Investigators. Like all CSI Training Unit classes these include practical exercises.

Insect Evidence
  • Ecology of corpses
  • Entomological progression
  • Time lines for fly development
  • Collection techniques
  • Documentation for forensic value
Bone Identification and Bone Scatter Sites
  • Easily recognized differences between human and non-human bone
  • Age and sex of remains
  • Cut marks
  • Animal damage
  • Time lines for bone exposure
  • Documentation of scattered remains
  • Recovery of scattered remains
  • Working with search and rescue units
Gravesite Excavation
  • Finding the grave
  • Exposing remains
  • Screening
  • Documenting evidence inside grave
  • Excavating skeletal remains
Click here to see recent Gravesite Excavation classes
  • Getting the best from limited capability cameras
  • Photography at the scene
  • Photography of the body
  • Photography at autopsy
  • Photography of evidence
  • Working with crime scene investigators
Blood Pattern Recognition
  • What blood can tell you
  • Basic pattern recognition
  • Sequence of events
  • Positioning victim during bloodshed
Shooting Reconstruction
  • Ejection patterns
  • Bullet hole size and caliber determination
  • Trajectory reconstruction
  • Muzzle distance determination
Other courses in development:
  • Estimating Post Mortem Interval
  • Missing and Unidentified Persons Investigation
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • and more still pending...