San Bernardino Count Sheriff / CSI Training Unit introduces a new series of 8hr classes appropriate for anyone who investigates death, but specifically created for Coroner Investigators. Like all CSI Training Unit classes these include practical exercises.

All Coroner series courses are California POST Plan IV Certified
All Coroner series courses are approved by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI)

Insect Evidence
  • Ecology of corpses
  • Entomological progression
  • Time lines for fly development
  • Collection techniques
  • Documentation for forensic value
Bone Identification and Bone Scatter Sites
  • Easily recognized differences between human and non-human bone
  • Age and sex of remains
  • Cut marks
  • Animal damage
  • Time lines for bone exposure
  • Documentation of scattered remains
  • Recovery of scattered remains
  • Working with search and rescue units
Gravesite Excavation
  • Finding the grave
  • Exposing remains
  • Screening
  • Documenting evidence inside grave
  • Excavating skeletal remains
Click here to see recent Gravesite Excavation classes
  • Getting the best from limited capability cameras
  • Photography at the scene
  • Photography of the body
  • Photography at autopsy
  • Photography of evidence
  • Working with crime scene investigators
Blood Pattern Recognition
  • What blood can tell you
  • Basic pattern recognition
  • Sequence of events
  • Positioning victim during bloodshed
Shooting Reconstruction
  • Ejection patterns
  • Bullet hole size and caliber determination
  • Trajectory reconstruction
  • Muzzle distance determination
Other courses in development:
  • Estimating Post Mortem Interval
  • Missing and Unidentified Persons Investigation
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • and more still pending...