This course has been approved by the IABPA membership committee.
This course has been approved by the IAI Bloodstain Analyst certification board.

Certain actions create specific and recognizable bloodstain patterns at crime scenes. Investigators can use these patterns to determine unique aspects of the crime that occurred. This information can be used to support or refute suspect, victim, or witness statements; can be used to determine actions that took place; can be used to help determine the weapon used; and can be used to determine the type and sequence of events that took place during the commission of the crime.

This 40hr bloodstain pattern analysis class teaches students to recognize common bloodstain patterns and to know the actions that caused them. Students learn to use mathematical calculations to determine the angle of impact of certain bloodstains. Students learn to determine location of victims and suspects during an assault. Students learn to use bloodstain patterns to determine the number of strikes to the victim and possible weapons used. Students learn to use bloodstain evidence to tie suspects to crime scenes.

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