Why You Should Join Our Club: Reflection

Our club is a group of students of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening), who are passionate about photography. We meet every Thursday in the college. 

We get to know from our mentor, Mr. Raman Chawla, Associate Professor of Commerce Department, many useful tips and tricks. He shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with us.

We get to see regular slide shows. Members often show their best pictures and get valuable feedback. They get compliments and criticism in equal measure.

We are directed to useful websites on Photography and are encouraged to try different techniques. The mentor gives regular assignments which keep us focused and literally on our toes.

Our club organises photo walks where we explore a place and a theme with our cameras in a group. It fosters a teamwork and improves our skills. We also have a Facebook page.

What's the Best About Our Club?

Our club has many plus points in its favour: it is full of members who are not only extremely enthusiastic but also have their own digital SLR cameras. The club meets on a regular basis. Slide shows are regularly arranged. The club has state of the art multi-media projector and a dedicated committee room for slide shows and discussions. We also have access to a computer lab with fast internet access. The college administration is highly supportive. Both the Principal and the Convenor take personal interest in the club's activities.