Who we are!

You are not alone

We are Engaging Connected MH Consumers
Strategizing for positive changes in Local Systems of Recover, ADMHS, and Community Based Organizations.

Recovery Zone is your one-stop destination for all that is recovery --  peer support strategies that people can use to recover their mental health and manage daily stresses. Recovery Zone:
•    Presents a hopeful message of recovery for people with mental health disorders
•    Provides recovery supports and resources for more information.
•    Offers data and other facts helpful in creating conversations about mental health that break down misconceptions
•    Presents  information about local mental health programs writen by consumers to help consumers make informed choices

 We are Advocates in Action who, together with Department and privet MH agencies, are actively involved in promoting positive changes in mental health services delivery as outlined in California's Mental Health Services Act.

 Our hope is to connect people with appropriate services.

 On our site you may critique programs and services that you are or have been connected with.

 ​We also have message boards, https://www.facebook.com/recoverzone where persons with lived experiences have discussion and strategize for system change.

Advocates in Action built Recovery Zone on the foundation laid by two other Santa Barbara consumer groups, Prop. 63 for Me and MHSA Our Way, which have attempted to help guide the enactment of the Mental Health Services Act of 2004. To an unprecedented degree, these two groups made Santa Barbara consumers part of the dialogue about mental health services. The main difference between the organizations is that Recovery Zone, while also consumer led, includes friends and supporters of the consumer movement as well. It is hoped that this will give it more firepower.

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Advocacy training files
Advocacy training files
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