HSIE Stage One






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 Firefighter Protective  Clothing Tour


 The Great Sparky the fire dog   



What does a police officer do?

Stage 1 module-helpers in our community



 Under three main headings-

to the rescue, protectors, caring and sharing



 Click on the workers to see what they do

People, places and things that help me


Interactive activities:

The students will match each person with the job she or he provides for the community in this interactive drag and drop activity. Students can check their understanding by  sorting people into the categories they belong in (good, service, or both).


What is it like to be a Gourmet Butcher?

What this video and listen carefully..

 Author: Rushton Hurley 

 People who help us-Interactive game from Woolworths -drag the workers into the right areas


Community Helpers and Careers

Librarian poster

 People who help us with... -For the Juniors