Wet and dry environments

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A wet environment can have a range of temperatures and  rain or snow.

A dry environment is a place which receive little rain.

Wet and Dry Environments -Copacabana P.S. This page contain a collection of links to suitable activities to support &enhance classroom teaching and learning

Exploring Wetlands Webquestfrom Reef ED Australia includes sections on:Teacher Notes | The Water Cycle | Why are Wetlands Important? | Virtual Field Trip | Taking Action

Wet and Dry Environments-Australian Animals- A webquest for Stage 1

Wet and dry environments links to support the above webquest.

Wet and Dry Environments IWB.notebookWet & Dry Environments

 Wet dry Birchgrove.notebookBirchgrove  PS

Unit of work for Wetd & Dry Environments

Pond life from Sparklebox

 Aquarium’s platypus exhibit

Saving waterThe activities in these web pages have been designed to be used as part of Learning Sequence 4 of the Stage 1 NSW Board of Studies HSIE unit 'Wet and Dry Environments'.

Kids Know it -movie on biomes

What is a biome? Cyber zoo kid's work

Biomes of the world -Missouri Botanical Gardens

Biomes of the worldfrom Teachersfirst

World Biomes includes a colourful map of the world's biomes


Habitats interactive activity from BBC Science

Different Environments - wet and dry (S1)  CAP NSW

Wet and Dry Environments

Wetlands links by Kathi Mitchell

All about rainforests enchanted learning

Introduction to Rain Forest

The Rainforest -People, Animals and the facts

Rainforest video clips

Rainforest live play the layers game

Forest biome

Rainforest trees and the canopy lots of pictures

Introduction to Desert

Desert habitats from enchanted learning

Cool planet -deserts

Outback Australia

Australian desert pictures from Stock picture gallery

Simpson Desert

Desert Biome

Desert Biome -Desert Plants

Desert biome

Australian screen- Through the centre -Modes of transport

Donkey teams in the North are shown pulling large wagons of supplies along dusty tracks. The camel team of an Indian hawker near Wave Hill brings supplies to people of the outback to whom ‘shops are not available’.

Marine biome

From kidcyber:

Tidal Wetlands

Oceans Alive

The following theme pages may offer some other useful links:



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