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Action! Teacher Video - Foundation Reading

15 minutes


In this episode of Action! Teacher Video, teacher Heather Ravenhall presents her inspiring film, How to Motivate Reluctant Readers.

Featuring action research carried out at Greet Primary School in Birmingham, the video explores the different methods and strategies used to encourage young children to read and enjoy books.

A look at some useful strategies for motivating reluctant readers
  • Action! Teacher Video - Primary Literacy

    A teacher's video looks at motivating children outdoors

    Action! Teacher Video - Primary PSHE and Art

    The benefits of using a relaxed curriculum for literacy and art

    Action! Teacher Video - Dancing Across the Curriculum

    A look at how dance can be used across the primary curriculum

    Action! Teacher Video - Primary PSHE

    An insighftul look at the issue of body image amongst children

    Teacher Video - Primary

    30 minutes

    Three insightful videos made by primary school teachers