Triathlon          2008 Olympics

Congratulations to Emma Snowsill-Gold

Emma Moffatt-Bronze

What a tremendous effort. We are so proud of you. Well done. 



Australia has won 1 gold and 1 bronze in the women's triathlon in China.



Australia is represented in Beijing by five triathletes


Women: Emma Snowsill, Emma Moffatt, Erin Densham

 Emma Moffatt was nominated by virtue of a number of impressive performances, including winning the Oceania Championships and the New Plymouth BG Triathlon World Cup, her second world cup title in ten months. 



Men: Courtney Atkinson, Brad Kahlefeldt


Olympic rankings look really good for Australia!! Click link below





Africa Champion                             Rabie,Mari RSA 

America Champion                         Ertel, Julie USA

Asia Champion                                Ueda, Ai JPN

Europe Champion                           Fernandes, Vanessa POR

Oceania Champion                         Moffat, Emma AUS

World Championships #1              Tucker, Helen GBR

World Championships #2               Sarah Haskins USA

World Championships #3               Warriner, Samantha NZL


Olympic Ranking #1                          Fernandes, Vanessa POR  8 0

Olympic Ranking #2                          Warriner, Samantha NZL8 0

Olympic Ranking #3                         Snowsill, Emma AUS

Olympic Ranking #4                           Moffat, Emma AUS  9 0

Olympic Ranking #5                          Tanner, Debbie NZL

Olympic Ranking #6                            Haskins, Sarah USA



2008 Beijing Triathlon course map

Main location-                           Shisanling Reservoir Dam


Competition venue


Pontoon draw-swimming


Altitude chart- see page 2 for the graph


 First leg- SWIMMING-1500 m


Second leg-Cycle leg-40 km



Third leg -Run -10 km