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SBPS homepage

Oxfam's Water for All contains loads of pictures and activities for you to use in the classroom.  There are seven activities including quizzes, case studies and maths exercises, each supported in the teachers' notes with a lesson guide and background information.

Curriculum linked resources-WATER

Lesson plans (Early Stage 1, Stage 1 and Stage 2)

These resources show how to blend water education into Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) and Science & Technology.

HSIE units:
Places We Know - Early Stage 1
Wet and Dry Environments - Stage 1
Australia You're Standing in It - Stage 2
Science & Technology units:
Back to Nature - Stage 1
A Place in Time - Stage 1
Material World - Stage 2
Cycles in our World - Stage 2

The lesson plans are free for teachers to download and use.

Water Wise Challenge Play (Stages 2 and 3)

Water drop

Every Drop Counts in Schools (Stages 2-3)

Use this resource to guide a water audit and develop a water conservation action plan. It is full of tips to help students save water at school and home.


Information and fact sheets

Sydney Water has developed fact sheets that can be used by both teachers and students. This information can be printed freely.

The water cycle

Water supply and saving water

Wastewater and recycling

Water savers' interactive house

Explore all the areas of the house and garden to find out ways to save water.

The wastewater timeline

The Wastewater TimelineGood at puzzles? You have 75 seconds to put 15 pieces into the timeline.




Water saver challenge

Water Saver ChallengeHelp find 10 ways to save water around the home.



River raid

River RaidAre you a pollution expert? Help keep the scene clean.



Watercycle in action -interactive

Hydrologic cycle


 Morphie's great water ride adventure


Water game-goldfish

Water heroes

Water and my world

 Rosie and Riff talk to a microbiologist                                              






Beach kids

Type these titles into the search bar in TaLe to access them:

Explore Water Pipes

Where does tap water come from?