The Human  Body                                                                                                also see Healthy Living and Nutrition                                       

The Human body
Human body  (Jackie Miers)

Human body systems (Jackie Miers)
- links under circulatory, digestive, nervous, muscular, respiratory and skeletal systems

Many interesting sections to explore.

How the body works  Click  to find quizzes, activities, articles, and more about 19 different body parts!
Videos from  Kids Health:

The Digestive System from elearning for kids- drag and drop the parts to put them back in the right places.

A journey through the digestive system.

The virtual body -interactive

Visual dictionary-Volume 3-Human Body (includes diagrams of unclothed bodies)

Amazing human body Interactive from Harcourt School

Human body interactives- Discovery School

Brain power



Sight interactive and video 

Click on the Dry Bones Connected image after going to Mightybook story song page

Air Pollution and the Lungs
In this video, learn about different causes of air pollution that can cause breathing problems. Outdoor pollution sources include cars, factories, dry cleaners, and gas pumps. Indoor air pollution can come from carpets, home cleaning products, glues, and pesticides. Also, learn about other parts of our environment, including cockroaches, dust mites, and molds that live in moist places, that can affect us.
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Body Parts
Body Parts
Digestive System
Body Parts
Endocrine System
Body Parts
Body Parts
Heart and Circulation
Body Parts
Immune System
Body Parts
Body Parts
Body Parts
Respiratory System
Body Parts
Body Parts
Body Parts
Taste and Smell
Body Parts
Body Parts
Body Parts
Conditions & Diseases
Blood Pressure
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Stomach Pains
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Colds and Flu
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Sore Ears
Conditions & Diseases
Conditions & Diseases
Malaria No More
Conditions & Diseases

My Body View

Learn about your bones, your brain, your teeth, your heart, your skin, and all the other parts of your body.

Match A Bone

MouthPower Online View

Explore this animated world and play games to learn how to keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy. Earn a certificate of achievement for completing all the activities


From "How Stuff Works" watch this video on the anatomy of the spine showing how the spine provides strong framework for the trunk of the body and protection for the spine.

From "How Stuff Works" watchOur Flexible Frame: The Skeletal and Muscular Systemsto see why the human body is so strong and flexible.

From "How Stuff Works" watch Our Flexible Frame: A Review

This segment reviews the information previously presented on the human body's skeletal and muscular systems.

Heart online
- explores the development and structure of the heart. Follows the blood through the blood vessels.

Human anatomy online
- images and animations of skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, male and female reproductive systems

My body
- how the body works - bones, brain, digestive system, ear, eye, hair, heart, kidneys, lungs, muscles, nails, nose, skin, teeth, tongue

Your gross and cool body
- looks at body systems and body functions

 Taking Care of your body

Personal Hygiene: Taking Care of your Body View

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your body clean and healthy

Injury Prevention - For Kids View

Safety sheets for inline skating, skateboarding, boating, jet sking, biking, hunting, riding ATVs, driving cars, and more. Hey, even the pros wear the safety gear.

Kids First for Health View

Take the Body Tour, look up strange diseases in the Health Dictionary, learn all about Hospital Life, or click on the toilet to visit the "Poo Corner." You can find an answer to almost any health question! For kids ages 7 - 11.

aboutkidsealth - Just for Kids View

Learn about lice, sleep, motion sickness, epilepsy, diabetes, tonsils, puberty, even bedhead! Music videos, quizzes, coloring sheets and lots of information "Just for Kids" on health and safety topics.

Human Body -For the Juniors

Atlas of the body

Blood Circulation
Jonesie will take you on a safari tour of the parts of the heart and explain how the lungs help to get oxygen into our bodies.


The Brain and Nervous System
Sheep brain dissection
- images and video clip

Neuroscience for kids
- explores the nervous system, has experiments and activities as well as links to other web resources

Journey into the brain Interactive
- Brain glossary, 3D exploding brain game, images and facts about the brain

The brain explorer
- fun activites to explore inside the brain

Exploratorium online exhibit
- Click on Mind exhibit (blue dot) and examine 'Droodles' and 'If you are going to rob a bank..' Also click on Seeing exhibit (red dot)

Blood Circulation
Jonesie will take you on a safari tour of the parts of the heart and explain how the lungs help to get oxygen into our bodies.

The Senses
Come to your senses
- information and weblinks on the 5 senses

Create a body

Body Parts

20 million hairs, 206 bones and a 6 meter tube are only a few of the parts that make up your body.

Webquests and treasure hunts
Body systems weblessons
- online assignments on each of the body systems