The farm visit: "In this story Mr Valdez takes the class on a dairy farm visit. They meet Mrs Jenkins, the farmer, and learn about how milk is produced."
Teacher's Guide
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Support Resources To support different aspects of the story, a range of cross curricular resources have been developed. These are in addition to the PowerPoint presentation and the video of the story. The resources can be used as stand-alone materials, or combined together to support a longer unit of work.  The choice is yours.

You may wish to download all the materials and upload them to your school VLE.

All the resources below have been provided in a format which you amend, allowing you the flexibility to change the worksheets to better suit the needs of the children you teach.

                                                                       from 2Sparkley's blog :


Farm Animals Livebinder R.Munday

Farm Animals Livebinder

Farms Thinking contract (Word, 258 KB) (designed by Denise Tarlinton)

Farm game-Odd one out

Old Mac Donald had a farm

Cow to You Game – Place pictures into their correct sequence to learn the path milk takes from "Cow to You" 

Who Pooped –  Do you know what cow poop looks like? Can you tell the difference between goat and chicken poop?

The Farm Animals - by Rolando Merino - An illustrated story of animal sounds. (free complete online Click-a-Word Talking eBook)