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"Easter is the most important Christian festival. It celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, three days after he was executed."


                                                 * Frogwart and the Easter eggs

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*Watch the Easter story about Jesus coming back to life.

The Easter Story



Max's Chocolate Chicken from Weston Woods on Vimeo


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r the Easter Bunny                                 


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Read the story:Burra Minu, the Easter bilby

Jenny Bright's story about the Easter Bilby includes details about the lifestyle, eating habits and behavior of bilbies, and of the other animals and birds that appear in the story. 

About the story Burra Minu

  Image courtesy of The Australian Bilby Appreciation Society.

Easter Bilby Game-needs flash

You can print out a copy of The Easter Bilby to colour in

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 -Exploring different tools in a paint program...Easter Egg

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BlackDog's Easter Image Maker