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School Libraries home - with icons &  links to Raps, Programming (K-6 matrix), SCIS etc

Also, our Links page has a range of Links gathered together including for the areas you request:
Write On Shapes - Printable Shapes for Reports, Bulletin Boards, Notepads, Books, Stationery, Vocabulary Word Lists... Create then press print.

Downloads for Teachers- Windows programs for teachers. Programs currently available for downloads include a Math worksheet generator, a Spelling game, a Bookmark designer program, and a ABC coloring book. These were so much fun to make that I had to share!

Collection of Mrs Nay's videos

Science videos:

  1. Clipbank News Blast Launched
  2. Science and Maths Videos from Brightstorm
  3. Young Science Investigators Project Kit from BP
  4. Khan Academy – Science and Maths videos
  5. National Geographic Science Videos
  6. Twig list-subscription based 
  7. Twig-free

 David Merrill demonstrates siftables-the smart blocks-You have got to see this video to believe it!!!:

MIT grad student David Merrill demos Siftables -- cookie-sized, computerized tiles you can stack and shuffle in your hands. These future-toys can do math, play music, and talk to their friends, too. Is this the next thing in hands-on learning? 

The Australian Creative Resources Online site features audio, video, and still images that can be used freely and legally for creating digital art or for educational purposes.




Click on the links below to access Mrs Nay's links for teachers:


Books to read aloud

Books to read aloud -Early Stage 1

Books to read aloud- Stage 1

Books to read aloud-Stage 2

Comment starters for your reports

Connected Outcome Groups


Curriculum Online Resources Page

Digital Literacy

English     Early Stage One

 English     Stage One

 English    Stage Two

 English    Stage Three

Information Literacy

Integrated studies including COGS

Looking for Images

My "Delicious" tag rolls

Picture books

Teachers links for reading

Visual Literacy


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The Emergent 21st Century Teacher

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Marks recommended Professional Learning book List

"These notes can be used for educational purposes and may be cached, copied, printed off or presented for the purposes of staff professional learning, seminar or conference presentations. All we ask is that you please acknowledge the original source."          Mark Treadwell


Information Skills Process

Information skills in the school

ISP K-6 overview: Planning support: linking syllabus outcomes, information skills and ICT

Graphic Organisers

Activity Search

 Information behaviour of the researcher of the future


How To Read and Comprehend Maths Word Problems      One key ingredient - maybe THE key ingredient - for students to be able to solve maths word problems is being able to VISUALISE what they read. The attached document gives you a step by step approach to teaching students how to visualise word problems as a key step to solving the problem. Thanks to Jude Ocean from RMIT in Melbourne Victoria for providing the core material for this document.

Welcome to English K-6 Programming Support

English Programming Support is designed to:

  • work as part of the Curriculum Planning Framework and the support currently available for each of the Primary  KLAs
  • tie together what is already available for the teaching of English
  • offer various levels of support from how to plan, program and assess English to quick ideas and strategies

 Instructions on how DET staff can access the material from computers external to DET intranet.

Mathematics Programming Support K-6

This support describes a continuum of learning for most of the sub strands of the Mathematics K-6 syllabus. Other sub strands and assessment materials will be progressively added to this site.

Find further links for Assessment


Teachers links from other educators:

Quality Learning 2008

Quality Learning Website 


The NSW Quality Teaching Model is based on the latest international and national research.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Australian Council for Educational Research

Board of Studies

NSW Department of Education and Training

Australian Catholic University

Gifted Education Research Resource and Information Centre

My Future

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program - Literacy & Numeracy)

Primary school NSW based

Sites all teachers ought to bookmark

EdNA Theme pages

Beenleigh State School weblinks

Interesting Internet Sites for Educators-Lyn Schultz

 Interlace-Sue Lacey

Jackie Miers Resources

Jenny Eather/Bilambil

Kurwongbah State School curriculum links

Links for teachers-Wikispaces

Promethean planet weblinks

Rigby-Whole Child program weblinks

Teacher Zone-Woodlands Junior School

Westport Weblinks

Sue Lacey's web page for students and teachers.

Free Primary School Lesson Plans & Education Resources.

Kidcyber provides a wide range of resources for teachers and students.


Alice grows from an eight year old living with her parents in a remote region of Northern China.

 ABC  Education Resources, Learn Online

 Calendar for Australian Schools CMIS Pathfinders


Think It! Contract Activities

These theme-based contract activities have been designed by educators to incorporate a number of different thinking skills, strategies and approaches.

Lake Munmorah Public School
Online worksheets are designed as a short research activity, a quick and easy way to get your students on the internet. 

Lake Munmorah Public School Theme Weblinks

Assemblies is a bank of over 100 resources written by teachers for teachers. They should save you time when creating and preparing assemblies for use with your class, year group or school.

Mrs Mac's Library Site

           A site containing tools for teacher librarians and teachers 

Students page-Mackay West State School, Queensland

Visual Aids for Learning

Copacabana Public School teachers index

Teachers teach-nology sites

Bilambil school-Jenny Eather

Primary Program Plus 

A wide range of ready made units from Early stage 1-Stage 3. 

Educational coloring pictures and photos...

The images are located in categories that are used frequently in primary school.

New images are added to the collection on a regular basis.

Tutorial on the visual ranking tool

Teacher tips for teaching reading to reluctant readers

Learning songs-words and music

 Teachers TV-videos

Looking for Images


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