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All About Climate ChangeAll About Food Chains
All About HabitatsYou Can Help These Animals
 What is Global Warming?

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  The twelve books are:

Younger readers (years 2–4)
Big Rain Coming
by Katrina Germein and Bronwyn Bancroft

Purinina: A devil's tale
by Christina Booth

The World That We Want
by Kim Toft

Mang the Wild Orangutan
by Joan van Loon and John van Loon

The Antarctica Book – Living in the freezer
by Dr Mark Norman

Uno's Garden
by Graeme Base
Older readers (years 5–8)
Outback Ferals
by Hazel Edwards

Moon Bear Rescue
by Kim Dale

Sea Secrets
by Gillian M Wadds

The Last Tree
by Mark Wilson

I Saw Nothing – The extinction of the thylacine
by Gary Crew and Mark Wilson

Hope Bay
by Nicole Plüss