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There is a plenty of research available supporting the use of poetry as a teaching tool and what a fun tool it is to use!
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  •  Stage 1 Sites for kids
  • Animal Muddle - Listen to this poem about mixed-up animals. (K-2)
  • Little Animal Rhyming Game Select a level and click on the words that rhyme with the given words. (K-2)
  • Poetry Splatter Finish writing silly poems by filling in the blanks.(K-2)
  • Stages 2 and 3 Site for kids
  • Haiku Tell about a favorite place, thing, person or time and learn about syllables by writing haiku poetry. (3-6)
  • Magnetic Poetry Choose from more than 100 words to drag over to an online fridge to make a poem. (3-6)
  • Shape Poems  Choose an apple, leaf, fish, balloon, star, heart or the sun and write your poem inside that shape.(3-6)
  • Poetry Idea Engine -Get your poetry juices flowing with the Poetry Idea Engine. Created with GoCyberCamp, this activity will allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more! (3-6)
  • Poems about Books and Reading from ReadingLady.com