What are Audiocasts/Podcasts?

from Wikipedia

"Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either RSS or Atom syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers."

Podcasts are readily available to download on web sites and from music stores such as iTunes. Podcast are similar to radio shows that can be downloaded and listen to on you MP3 Player or computer at your convenience. You can find podcasts on any imaginable subject: Entertainment, education, news, business, in the target language, etc.


A podcast is a series of audio or video on the web that can be cataloged and automatically downloaded. 

You don't need an iPod or handheld to be a part of podcasting–

you can listen right from your web browser.

Introduction to Podcasting

Podcasting Guide for Educators 

Podcast Lane was developed for the benefit of Public Schools in the Sydney Region of NSW DET. Produced by the Schools IT Services Unit, this interactive site provides multimedia resources for teachers with regular new Podcasts added covering ICT in teaching and learning.

Podcast Lane, has four key criteria that all Podcasts must meet if they are going to be added:

  1. The content must relate to ICT in School Education
  2. The content must be brief and to the point (less than 4 minutes each)
  3. The audio must be clear and easy to understand
  4. The content must be supported by relevant links to additional information

Teaching Ideas-Podcasting 

Tony Vincent's Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting advice sheets 

What can you do with podcasts?


  • Collect field notes during a science field trip
  • Living museum, researching characters
  • “Radio shows”
  • Creating audio guides for local museums
  • Teacher powerpoints
  • Early language learners, (rhyming, etc.)
  • Staff development
  • Screencasts
  • Language learners recording assessments
  • Discovery Education videos
  • Science reports
  • Art projects
  • Digital portfolios
  • Weekly classroom news
  • Serial storytelling
  • Reflective journals
  • Summaries of school events
  • Broadcast school sporting events
  • Roving reporters
  • Capturing oral histories (family history)
  • Podcast vocab words and spelling lists
  • Flashcard practice with iFlash
  • Musical compositions
  • Soundseeing tours

Thanks to Tim Wilson for these suggestions.

Podcasting How-To Using Vocaroo and Audacity

Podsafe Music
 Free Music Sites for Podcasting.doc

Podcast Hosting Sites
 Free Podcast Hosting Sites.doc

Podcasting Links (including examples and resources)

Creative Commons Search - you can find music through

Jamendo that has a Creative Commons License

from: https://rrisd-teacherguides.wikispaces.com 

  • Find thousands of freely available loops at Flash Kit .

  • Poetry for kids -podcasts

  • How about creating your own podcast?

    This can be done in different ways:

    1. Teacher recorded
    2. Student recorded  e.g., writing and recording a script for a ....... Divide them into groups of two or three students and give them time to draft their writing and practicing the script. The criteria could inlcude the following:
      • Country's name
      • Geographic location
      • Currency
      • Flag
      • Interesting fact about the country
      • Best features of ....
      • Worst features of....
      • Be creative