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CLICK Technology guide for parents-

Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go!

Download individual articles:

  • Staying safe online (pdf 100kb)
  • Homework and the internet (pdf 224kb)
  • Mobile safety (pdf 110kb)
  • Second life for parents & Virtual worlds (pdf 94kb)
  • Get in the game (pdf 122kb)
  • Sending cyberbullies into space (pdf 98kb)
  • Stranger danger (pdf 117kb)
  • Tuned in and logged on (pdf 98kb)
  • Netiquette (pdf 72kb)
  • Mum and Dad’s guide to buying a computer (pdf 202kb)
  • Connecting to the Internet (pdf 109kb)
  • Fast Forward (pdf 105kb)
  • Kids TV hits rural NSW (pdf 110kb)
  • What's hot in schools (pdf 121kb)
  • Laptops chart pecking order (pdf 122kb)
  • Online resources (pdf 142kb)

     Parents Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses Early Stage 
    As the parent of a primary school student you will want to know what your child is learning so you can help them along at home.


  • Helping children succeed in school 

    Building Literacy at home

    Starting School provides some resources to help you choose a school for your child and get them ready to start school.


    Preparing for school

    Preparing for School • Things to Consider Before the First Day of School • Going to a New School • Homework • Reading with Your Child • Safe Internet Use • Avoiding Conflict • Helping Your Child Prepare for High School • Helping Your Child Plan for the Future


     At the end of this year we aim to have many more fantastic readers at Sandy Beach Public School. 

     Your children could be amongst these fantastic, confident readers.

    Why would this be so beneficial?

    Students who can read well, have a chance to do well in all other areas they explore.  They are not held back and frustrated because they can’t read well.

    As parents/carers  you can help them in many ways. 

    1. Read to them for fun – enjoy.  Even just 10 minutes per school day = 50 minutes per week = 200 minutes per month = 2400 minutes per year.  See it will add up!!!!!!!

    2. Encourage them to read.  Again 10 minutes per day = 2400 minutes per year 30 minutes per day = 7200 minutes per year.  Imagine how well they would be reading over the year.

    3. Be involved in their schooling.  Children whose parents/carers are part of the team teaching and guiding them do much better at school. Parents/carers are the child’s main teachers and school teachers share that important role during school hours.

    4. Borrow regularly from libraries, including our school.We would love to have parents as borrowers as we have a special parents section – Come and check it out.  (A list will be provided to those interested just drop us a note via your child). We value our wonderful helpers and would encourage more helpers to join the ranks because it helps free us to offer more services to the students and staff.


    Ten tips on hearing your child read


    Keep kids safe online

    Helping with Homework

    Studies have shown that  if we want our children to be successful in school, family involvement is helpful.

    How can you help?

    1. Communicate the fact that school work is important and needs to be taken seriously by showing an interest in what is being studied..
    2. Encourage children to complete homework to the best of their ability.
    3. Monitor children to discourage them wasting time watching mindless  television programs and  encourage them to spend  time read widely. 
    4. Set high expectations for children from an early age.


    A practical guide to give you the confidence to support your child's music development and music education, with helpful tips on things you can do.

    Test taking tips for parents

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